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Peter Seitel is the unofficial “Mayor of Green Lake Pickleball” and is passionate about nurturing the pickleball community at the Green Lake East courts. Peter is responsible for making court reservations, ordering equipment, managing court lines, and making sure everyone is having a good time.

Nicole Bideganeta is Peter’s “Chief of Staff” (HB) and helps Peter keep everything organized.

Dave Kwok is the “Administrative Attaché” and helps Peter with various administrative and communication tasks.


Court Ambassadors

Our court ambassadors help players learn our community conventions, including pointing players to this website! They include:

This Site

This site is a collaboration between various members of the Green Lake pickleball community. Hans coded and created the site, which is hosted on his GitHub. Peter and Dave provided content for the site, including text and some design decisions. Eric made some UI sketches. Tux created the pickleball logo artwork, which can also be seen on posters around Green Lake.


Green Lake Pickleball (GLP) is the name we've chosen for the informal group of players who gather for "drop-in" play at the Green Lake East courts located near the Community Center. GLP is NOT a club; we don't collect dues and we have neither a charter, nor a governance board, nor any formal club officers. But we do have a mission: to create and sustain a fun, inclusive, and challenging pickleball environment for players of all abilities. Player donations support our expenses (court reservations, balls, nets, etc.) and your active participation sustains and enriches the unique pickleball community at Green Lake.

Since you've managed to find our web address, you've probably already experienced, or heard of, the pickleball scene at Green Lake East. We hope you've enjoyed the fun and challenging play. As we continue to build this website (kindly developed and hosted by CI Web Group) and links get filled with content, we'll notify you via our GLP Google group message board. In the meantime, check back every now and then and enjoy fun play at Green Lake.

Peter Seitel has assumed responsibility for organizing pickleball play at Green Lake East in a way that aligns with GLP’s mission. He makes court reservations, keeps GLP in a supply of pickleballs, orders necessary maintenance equipment (brooms, leaf blowers, garbage cans, tape removal tools, etc.), prepares content for this website, tracks donations and expenses, advocates with SPR for court improvements, and does what he can to ensure that GLE is a safe and welcoming space for pickleball players of all abilities. He’s sometimes referred to as the unofficial “Mayor of Green Lake Pickleball.”

Nicole Bideganeta, Peter’s “Chief of Staff” (or more familiarly, HB --- you figure it out), helps keep things running smoothly at the courts. And, as a recently appointed SMPA Board Director, acts as a liaison between GLP and SLA.

Dave Kwok, “Administrative Attaché,” helps with various administrative, technical, and communication tasks. He also helps plan and execute court advocacy campaigns targeted at Seattle Parks and Recreation and other City agencies.

Court Ambassadors: See “Court Ambassadors

Green Lake Pickleball

This Site

This website has been kindly (and for no fee) developed, hosted, and deployed by CI Web Group. We’re indebted to them for their Herculean efforts herding us toward site launch. We’re especially thankful to have Torel, Allula, and Liz (all CI employees) promoting GLP within CI, and for generously volunteering their time. Peter provides content with help from Eric, Nicole, Megan, Kylee, and others. Hans and Farhan provided original site design and content. Tux created the pickleball logo artwork, which can also be seen on posters around Green Lake.