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The Courts

The Courts

Effort is made to reserve the courts (tennis courts 2 and 3, which each contain 2 – 4 pickleball courts) in the late afternoon or evening on weekdays and in the morning on weekends. Current court reservation permits and the latest Blanchet tennis schedule can be found here.

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Blanchet High School Tennis Practice And Match Schedule

The Courts - Green Lake Pickleball
  • General: Green Lake East is a public court managed by Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR). All are welcome to play drop-in doubles or singles pickleball or tennis at any time the courts are not otherwise reserved by a private party. Except for Spring-season after-school use by Blanchet High School’s Junior Varsity Tennis Team, Green Lake East is used mostly for drop-in pickleball.

  • GLP (and other) reservations: GLP reserves courts for open pickleball play (all skill levels welcome) from late March to early October during peak hours: ~5:30p till dark on weekday evenings and 10:00a to noon on weekends and holidays. Occasionally a private group will reserve a GLE tennis court for either pickleball or tennis play; check our court calendar page for the most up-to-date information about private reservations when one or more of the courts will be unavailable for drop-in play.

  • GLE’s “unreservable” court: Tennis court # 3 (PB Court #s 3N and 3S) — closest to the lake — cannot be reserved by the general public; it’s held outside SPR’s reservation system for drop-in play all the time. SPR’s court “tennis” guidelines (posted at the court entrance) state that singles tennis players can hold the court for 1 hour; doubles for 1-1/2 hours. During peak times (when GLP reserves Court #s 1 and 2 for pickleball open play), GLP “practice” is to occupy Court #3 first, thus preventing a tennis singles or doubles group from “dropping-in” on that court. If picklers arrive when that (or any) court is occupied by “drop-in” tennis players, simply lean a spare paddle on the net to indicate that you claim that court when their allotted time is over (1 hour for singles, 1-1/2 hours for doubles, from the time you placed a paddle against their net).