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Petition Update 11_3_23

Lower Woodland Park petition update

November 3, 2023


Petition signature count = 530 (360 online + 170 on paper). That’s a meaningful number that I hope will give our city representatives pause. I’ll keep the petition open for another week and present it to Mayor Harrell and Councilmembers Strauss and Lewis next Friday.

But please consider doing more than just signing the petition. I urge you to forward my letter (appended below) along with a short personal note to the Mayor and the two Councilmembers letting them know why you think SPR should allow us to play pickleball at LW Park this winter. Your note can be just one or two sentences long —- perhaps use one of the sentences I suggest, below. Our “ask” is a long-shot, given how entrenched Seattle’s tennis lobby is within SPR, but I believe there is a chance, and that your personal messages could well make the difference.

I’ve received responses to my letter from both Councilmembers, Strauss and Lewis, as well as from their Council seat opponents, Pete Hanning and Bob Kettle, respectively. I’ve copy/pasted the “nut” from each of their responses, below. If interested, check out this link to read their full replies. And don’t forget to vote this Tuesday!

Dan Strauss, District 6 incumbent: “I’ve reached out to Parks for more information on the prospect of pickleball courts at Lower Woodland and will let you know when I have more information.”

Pete Hanning, District 6 challenger: “Yes, the city should be putting more resources towards more pickleball courts, and we should provide a few of the lit Lower Woodland courts to be used during the “Great Dark” period from October to April.”

Andrew Lewis, District 7 incumbent: “Councilmember Lewis (cc’d) would be glad to support the GLP’s request for increased dedicated access to pickleball play at Lower Woodland. Our office will raise the issue with the Parks Department.”

Bob Kettle, District 7 challenger: “Bob believes strongly in community building and community … From the information you’ve provided, Bob will absolutely support your request to expand access to the lighted courts and more opportunities to play.”

Happy pickling,


City Hall email addresses: (206) 684-4000 (206) 684-8806 (206) 684-8807 (206) 684-4075 (206) 684-4075 (206) 684-4075 (206) 684-4075 (206) 684-4000

Some ideas for your own email message to the Mayor and City Councilmen:

  • The community and recreation I get playing pickleball at Green Lake is something I haven’t found elsewhere in Seattle. It a shame that I can’t gather with that community in the wintertime after I finish work at 5p.
  • My 12 yo son and I often played pickleball during summer evenings at Green Lake East. We both find the community there fun and … etc.
  • I walked by the Lower Woodland courts several times a week last winter to/from my daughter’s soccer games and practices. There were never more than one or two courts being used for tennis after dark.
  • I often visit my children and grandchildren in Seattle and find great community and new friends while playing pickleball at Green Lake each time I’m there. I’m astonished at Seattle’s lack of dedicated pickleball courts (I live in [name that city] where I’ve access to dozens of lighted courts within five miles of my home); I find it difficult to believe that your Parks Department will not allow pickleball players to use empty lighted tennis courts during your dark winters. C’mon Seattle!
  • As a decades-long Seattle taxpayer, I’m astonished that while almost every city agency bemoans its lack of funds to accomplish important objectives, the Parks Department willfully allows this valuable park resource to remain unused.
  • “Pickleball players need lighted courts near Green Lake. Lower Woodland has TEN lighted tennis courts, most of which are seldom used during winter evenings. Please let pickleball players use TWO of the tennis courts from October through March. Sharing is caring. Letting the tennis courts go unused while pickleball players would love to use some of them during the evenings, doesn’t make any sense at all.”
  • “It would be wonderful to have more pickleball court availability especially in the evening when people are off work. Makes sense to use tennis courts that aren’t being used in the evening.”
  • “Pickleball brings out participation and connection amongst people. The more available courts, the greater participation.”
  • “Pickleball is my cure.”
  • “Pickleball has had such a positive impact on the Seattle community. Learning new skills, getting exercise and making new friendships makes this sport valuable to all ages. The number and quality of courts need to improve to make Seattle a top pickleball city.
  • “This would provide a really great option for activity during the dark winter months.”
  • “This is an issue of fairness. I play at Green Lake regularly and see over 60 people cooperatively using the courts. Why wouldn’t the city accommodate this rapidly growing community? I play both Pickleball and Tennis and love both sports.”